Do you have an interest in wet plate collodion photography?

I offer wet plate workshops and tutorials at my 1000 square foot daylight studio in Spinners Mill, Leigh, Wigan, UK.

No matter what photographic skill level you have I’ll tailor the day to suit your needs on a one to one basis or as part of a small group of your friends, family or colleagues.

I’ll provide all you’ll need on the day to shoot your very own plates. The day begins with a briefing on the wet plate collodion process step-by-step from the cleaning, pouring, exposing, development and varnishing of plates. This will include information on health and safety as there are some risks when using wet plate photography.

If you’d like more detailed information then just get in touch using the contact link or call me on 07742 026447.

Heres a blog post about a wet plate workshop/tutorial I gave to photographer Sam Cornwell.

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Prices start from £300 for a one to one tutorial.
For small group workshops get in touch to discuss discounted prices.